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MIMB — Multi-Install and Multi-Boot USB

What is MIMB USB?

MIMB is Multi-Install and Multi-Boot USB — a tool for administrators, which contains:

  • useful and the most wide-spread live CDs and other tools, like Victoria, Memtest etc.
  • Linux installation distribution (Debian, CentOS, ALT Linux).


  • use your USB stick for other needs, e.g. storing and sharing files, documents, etc. You don't need a separate USB flash drive for MIMB (Multi-Install and Multi-Boot USB);
  • ability to easily adding extra Linux/Windows ISO images for booting;
  • adding most new ISO images does not require unpacking;
  • ability to remove ISO images, which you don't need — e.g. to save space on your USB stick

Documentation / HowTo


\__SystemRescueCd 3.0.0
\__SystemRescueCd 3.0.0 64-bit kernel
\__ALT Linux server light Rescue i586
\__ALT Linux server light Rescue x86_64
\__GParted Live 0.13.1
\__Clonezilla Live 1.2.12-67
\__DBAN 2.2.6 i586
\__Magic Boot Disk 2.0
\__FreeDOS 1.1

|	\__CentOS 6.3 i386 netinstall
|	\__CentOS 6.3 x86_64 netinstall
\__[-]ALT Linux
|	\__Server Light i586
|	\__Server Light x86_64
|	\__Server Light Rescue i586
|	\__Server Light Rescue x86_64
\__[-]Debian GNU/Linux
	\__Debian 6.0.5 i386
	\__Debian 6.0.5 i386 Graphical Install
	\__Debian 6.0.5 amd64
	\__Debian 6.0.5 amd64 Graphical Install
Victoria 3.5 Rus
Memtest86+ V4.20

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